Equine Research into Health, Welfare and Behaviour Welcome to the Equine Professionals section of our website.

This section is for equine professionals, those who work with horses, whether it be as a groom, riding instructor, yard manager, farrier, dentist, veterinary nurse, or other related occupation.

The Horse Trust believes that equine professionals are key to improving the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys living in the UK as they are often a source of knowledge and experience that is tapped into by other members of the equestrian world. 

The aim of this section is to provide equine professionals with the latest information relevant to their occupation and up-to-date research into equine health and behaviour (welfare) that they can share with others so that we can enhance and improve the lives of equids living in the UK.

The section will also provide details of our forthcoming training and qualifications. The Horse Trust is committed to providing high quality, practical and experiential training that enables equine professionals to develop within their role.



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