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This section of the website is tailored for those who love horses and want to keep up to date with the latest goings on here at The Horse Trust.  Visitors to this section will find stories and information about the residents at our sanctuary, information about upcoming events, news updates and a vast array of images. 

The Bonds of Friendship

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the bond of friendship between our horses.  No matter what life they have led, where they have been living or who has been looking after them – it makes no difference – a friendship is a friendship in the horse world.

Take Jed and Crunchie – 19 year old Jed has recently retired having helped with the estate management for The Royal Parks Agency for nearly ten years.  Jed was purchased in 1998, as a pair, from Bass Brewery in Burton on Trent and worked with his partner until Forte sadly died.Jed - retired horse with Rosette

He worked hard in the summer harrowing and rolling and in winter bringing wood back to the sawmill to make fences and crates to protect the trees.

Jed was rewarded for his hard work with a retirement rosette from Her Majesty The Queen which was presented at the “Wild London” Diamond Jubilee Event in May 2012.

Crunchie - rescue horseA very different life to Crunchie who was rescued by the RSPCA from a local field and brought to The Horse Trust to ensure she has a long term, secure future.

Deprived of food and water by her owner, 15 year old Crunchie had to spend many weeks in quarantine at The Horse Trust and was joined by Jed on his arrival.  Their bond was immediate.

Walked down the drive as a pair and released into the field they immediately cantered around together and Crunchie has followed Jed around ever since.

Crunchie was a bit off colour recently and had to spend a night in her stable.  As soon as she was feeling better she was taken back to the field where she and Jed immediately paired up and wandered off to graze contentedly in each others company. 


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