Equine cheek teeth after routine floating - courtesy of University of Bristol

Welcome to the Veterinary Science section of our website.

This section is a technical resource for veterinary surgeons, researchers, students, and other interested professionals.

The Horse Trust believes that veterinary scientists are key to improving the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys living in the UK as they help to drive forward our knowledge of equine health and behaviour (welfare). This knowledge, once shared with the wider equestrian world, can lead to direct improvements in the management of equids, and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries, illness and disease.

This section aims to keep you at the forefront of recent developments by sharing the latest policy information and keeping you up-to-date with research into equine health and behaviour, findings of research funded by The Horse Trust, information on disease risks and monitoring, and information about recent grants awarded by The Horse Trust.

This section will also provide details of our forthcoming training and qualifications. The Horse Trust is committed to providing high quality, practical and experiential training that enables equine professionals and those working in veterinary science to develop within their role.


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