12hh Skewbald filly born in 2017

Phoenix 300px 

Hello, I’m Phoenix. I’m currently only 2 years old and am a 12hh native type filly. I was born at The Horse Trust in 2017 after my mum Inca Dove was found abandoned, starving and riddled with parasites by the side of the road. They have said that if my mum wasn’t found and rescued when she was, I may not have made it.

I’m really excited because the grooms have said that I am now ready to start looking for a forever home where I can start my education! I have had some training with the basics like catching, leading, seeing the farrier and loading. My groom says that I have taken this in my stride.

My ideal home would be with someone that has another youngster that I could play with. I have always lived out in a group and am happy to mix with both mares and geldings. I am very curious and my groom thinks that I will make a great child’s pony in a few years when I am old enough to back.

Because I'm only a baby I will need someone who is experienced and can help me develop and learn the correct things.

Phoenix x