11.1hh Welsh type gelding born in 2010

Hi everyone. My name is Squiggy and I'm a cheeky 10 year old gelding.

I did have a home with a little rider but returned to The Horse Trust a few years ago when I was sadly outgrown.  Since then I havent been ridden but I think if given some time and training I would quite like to have a small rider again.  I have also pulled a trap in the past so I think I would make a nice ride and drive pony.  I would also make a nice companion for somone who had a pony that needed similar managment to me. 

Last year I did have a bout of laminitis so had to spend part of my time in a stable.  I would need to have my weight carefully managed so that I don't get laminitis again.  I would need VERY secure fencing as I have been known to work out how to get through to get to the tasty grass.

If you think we could get on please click on the link below to express interest in adopting me!

Squiggy x