Maggie arrived at The Horse Trust in February 2013. She was found abandoned in a flooded field with little grass to eat and was surviving by eating the bark from a tree.

Maggie was close to death and after being rescued by the RSPCA she was immediately sent to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment. When Maggie arrived at The Horse Trust she looked like a walking skeleton. Maggie was also suffering from other effects of neglect including overgrown feet, lice, mange and various other health problems.

Abandoned Horse Maggie


Maggie is being cared for by our Welfare Assistants Sian and Charlotte and our dedicated grooms. This feisty little mare is a very quick learner and is getting used to be handled. She is still not sure of people but she is slowly learning to trust and is quick to seek reassurance from her new friends. 

Although Maggie is only around 3 years old she had already had a foal. Maggie had given her foal, a healthy 6 month old filly, everything she could. The foal was ready to be weaned, so they were separated and her foal has been sent to a different rescue centre.




Maggie has very slowly started to gain weight, although she is still very thin. We do not yet know if Maggie will be able to recover from the effects of her ordeal and her vets have only given her a 50/50 chance of survival. She is a really feisty little character and this little mare is not ready to give up just yet. We hope with the loving care of the staff at The Horse Trust we can help her pull though.

Despite Maggie’s terrible condition no-one will be prosecuted for this appalling neglect as her owner could not be traced. Maggie is just one of the victims of the national equine welfare crisis. In the UK there are too many horses and not enough homes. Horses like Maggie have little value and sadly this means more and more horses are being abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Maggie and Sian - Horse Welfare

Maggie is one of the lucky ones. Although she is still very ill and her future is uncertain we are doing all we can to save her. She is a very lively addition to our herd and we all have our fingers (and hooves) crossed for her.

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