On the 21st of March 2012, our colleagues at the RSPCA asked if we could take in a little colt found in a truly shocking state with no owner to be found.

The 18 month bay was so thin, we had never before seen such a starved animal still alive and standing. He was also de-hydrated, covered in lice and had a joint problem with one of his feet, most likely caused by malnutrition. Despite the cruel neglect he had suffered, little Quest, named by Horse Trust supporters after the question mark shaped stripe on his face, still managed to love and trust people.

He was also a fighter, desperately trying, as we were, to get healthy. We all fell in love with our little man and were devastated when he tragically lost his fight for survival on Easter Sunday. We had tried everything but his tiny body had just been too badly damaged, we hadn't got to him in time.

His beautiful personality, characterful face and loving nature made his parting particularly difficult for us and for all The Horse Trust supporters around the world who had been captivated by his story and his struggle and who had been willing him to win his fight for life.

Overwhelmed at the public support for little Quest with people from all over the world following his fight for survival and willing him well, we have, at  their suggestion, set up the "Quest Memorial Appeal Fund" in his memory  to raise money to help care for other horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need of our care.



Sadly it is too late for little Quest, but with your help we can give others like him the best chance of not only surviving but of living long and happy lives. Eight week old colt Theodore, fondly known as Teddy, arrived at The Horse Trust on 25th October 2012. Teddy was found abandoned and alone. Life is tough enough for orphaned foals like Teddy, but he is also severely underweight and has an extremely high worm count. Despite round the clock care from the dedicated staff at The Horse Trust, Teddy's condition is so poor that he has had to be sent to the Intensive Care Unit at The Royal Veterinary College. Teddy's life hangs in the balance, but there is still hope for him.

In a year we spend around £50,000 on veterinary bills and medication, all donated by people just like you. Your support can help care for all of the 100 or so horses, ponies and donkeys we have here at Speen. Here are some examples of the kind of veterinary bills that your support helps pay for: 

       £6 pays for anti-inflammatory pain killer for three days for the 23 horses we have who need this treatment

       £10 pays for the medication to rid a horse of  leg mites and lice – Quest had this within two days of his arrival

       £45 pays for a vet visit  for a sick animal like Teddy


Every single horse we have at The Horse Trust has either been neglected before coming to us or is in old age and therefore in need of veterinary care. 

We desperately need your help – even a gift of just £6 in Quest's memory will help.

If you can, please make a donation today in Quest's name to give Teddy and other like him the chance of a safe, secure future.

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Donate in Quest's Name

A gift to the Quest Memorial Appeal will help us raise the money we need to help care for others.

He inspired us all, and his Fund will help others like him

Regular Gift

A small regular sum made in Quest's name will help us continue our care for more horses like little Quest