Sometimes horses, ponies and donkeys come to us in urgent need of specialist care having suffered from serious neglect or deliberate cruelty.

These animals often require intensive nursing, veterinary treatment and behavioural support if their trust in humans has been damaged or they are simply not used to being handled.

The UK is currently facing a national horse welfare crisis. Quite simply there are too many horses and not enough homes. This means that there are more horses than ever in need of our help.

In many cases these poor, emaciated creatures come to us as a result of the over breeding of low value horses and ponies. Often, they have been abandoned by irresponsible owners who can no longer afford the costs or time and effort involved in caring for a horse.

It can cost a great deal to bring these horses back to full health and then to invest in training the younger ones to give them the best chance of finding a new loving loan home.

Older rescued animals stay with us for life and we continue to pay for their care for as long as they can live happy and comfortable lives.


It costs us around £4,500 per year to care for each of the 100 residents at our Home of Rest for Horses. We can only meet the costs of their treatment and care thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

It is thanks to people like you that we are able to care for sick, rescued animals, like the 14 we gave sanctuary to from Spindles Farm; found barely alive, crammed in pens so close together that they could hardly move and standing on the carcasses of those that had succumbed to starvation. The total cost of their care was over £150,000.

It is also thanks to our supporters that we can ensure that retired serving horses like Gawain and Sevastapol can receive immediate and vital surgery if they become ill or injured, allowing them to enjoy their retirement with us after years of public service.

We will continue to give sanctuary to horses, ponies and donkeys that come to us suffering, distressed and in need of special treatment, nurturing them throughout their final years. We can only do this with your help.

If you would like to help us, please take a few minutes to make a donation on-line today.

It is completely safe and secure and even a little can go a very long way. 

If you want to see how we're helping two of our recent rescued horses, read about Hamish and Teddy.


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