Sponsor a horse, pony or donkey

At our Home of Rest for Horses we care for over 100 retired or rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. We provide a dignified retirement for horses that have spent a lifetime serving our country in the police or military or helped improve the lives of disabled or disadvantaged children. These veteran horses can no longer work and require specialist care meaning there is often nowhere else that they can go in their twilight years. We also provide sanctuary for horses, ponies and donkeys that have been rescued after suffering from cruelty or neglect.

You can become a friend of The Horse Trust by sponsoring one of our retired or rescued horses, ponies or donkeys. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on donations from the public.

Your sponorship could help rescue foal Teddy who was found starving, abandoned and alone on the side of the road at only 8 weeks old. Thanks to people just like you Teddy is now a happy healthy pony with a bright future ahead of him. Or you could help provide a dignified retirement for Greater Manchester police horse Warwick, who worked hard for many years bravely protecting the public at football matches, parades and demonstrations.

Sponsoring is a great way to help. Our residents all have different needs and your sponsorship could help pay for a horse, pony or donkeys care, feed, hay, bedding, shoes, medication or vets bills. Sponsorship starts from just £2 per month and every penny really does make a difference.

Donating regularly by direct debit helps us plan ahead and means that we always know that we have the money we need to care for our horses. You can even visit us to meet your sponsored horse and see for yourself how your support is helping them.