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Help build Teddy and Klyde a home

The moment the Your Horse team and I heard The Horse Trust was appealing for help to rebuild its famous Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire we all knew we had to take action. This incredible charity has been hard at work since 1886 and it's now in desperate need of help to fund an essential rebuild. That’s where we come in! Together we could be a fundraising force to be reckoned with so please help us by digging deep and donating – we need to raise £5000 to build two stables - one for Teddy and one for Klyde (find out more about them below).

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Meet Teddy and Klyde

We are asking Your Horse readers to help us build two of the new stables we so desperately need for our littlest and largest residents, Teddy and Klyde.

Our youngest resident Teddy had a tough start in life when he was abandoned on the side of the road at just eight weeks old. He was found starving and alone with no sign of his mum, extremely underweight and riddled with worms.


Teddy arrived at The Horse Trust in October 2012. After a few days he became very ill and had to be rushed to the Royal Veterinary College where he spent a week in intensive care.

The odds were against him, but with round-the-clock care from his vets and staff at The Horse Trust, this brave little pony has slowly recovered from his ordeal.



Teddy is now 14 weeks old and doing really well. He is a cheeky little chap who loves cuddles from his grooms and whinnies whenever he hears footsteps near his stable.

In a few years time we will see if Teddy is able to be trained as a riding or driving pony. In the meantime we need to build a cosy new stable to keep Teddy safe and warm.

As part of our work to Rebuild the Trust we are building an equine treatment clinic and intensive care unit. These new facilities will help us provide the best possible care for our retired and rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. This will make arrying out routine treatments safer and easier and help us better care for rescued horses and ponies like Teddy.

We are even building our first ever sand school. This will give us a safe space for winding down newly retired working horses and backing and training younger rescued horses, as well as providing an all-weather area for training courses and demonstrations.

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Big Klyde is our tallest resident. This gentle giant retired to The Horse Trust in July 2012 after serving with the Cleveland Police Mounted Section for 10 years. In his policing days he bravely protected his community from unrest and was ridden at hundreds of football matches

19hh Klyde was thought to be the tallest police horse in the county and now he is the tallest horse in our herd. Klyde was bred from champion racehorse Mill Reef and was meant to be an eventer, but grew too big and became a police horse instead!

Big Clyde

Klyde is so tall he struggles to fit in standard sized stables, so we are building extra tall stables to give him the extra headroom he needs.

If you can help us build a new home for Teddy and Klyde, please donate today. Every penny helps.

£10 will pay for a safety bolt for a stable door

£25 will pay for an automatic water drinker

£50 will help pay for a new roof


Donate today to help build these boys a home

Thank you so much Your Horse readers for all your help.

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