Abandoned foal Teddy was only 8 weeks old when he was found on the side of the road. He was starving and alone with no sign of his mother.

Teddy was brought to The Horse Trust at the end of October, after being rescued by Thames Valley Police and a local county councillor.

Staff at The Horse Trust provided round the clock care for Teddy from the minute he arrived. This friendly little chap won all our hearts. He loves cuddles and he whinnies whenever he hears footsteps near his stable.

 On arrival 


After a few days with us Teddy's health suddenly deteriorated. He was cold and barely breathing.  As soon as it was safe for him to travel, he was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College, where he spent a week in the intensive care unit. Thankfully, this brave little pony is a real fighter and made a miraculous recovery.

By 12 weeks old his health was improving every day. He absolutely adores all the attention he is receiving and even garnered his own ‘Teddy Fan Club.’ He was well enough to go outside in the field for a few minutes each day. Teddy put on 14kg in a month, which is a great improvement for him.

However, he still only had a body condition score of 1, which is extremely underweight. He still had a long way to go before he was fully recovered, but we were delighted that he was getting better and stronger as each day passed.  



Getting stronger every day


Teddy was paired up with Shetland pony George, so that he had an older companion to teach him his place in the herd and help him learn how to behave like a pony. He even went on little adventures around the yard and met some of the big boys such as Police horses Big Klyde and Chiswick. Little Teddy was slightly anxious at first as he is not used to being among such giants, but he soon relaxed around his new friends. 




There was still a long road ahead for Teddy, but he improved every day.

The staff at The Horse Trust were determined to give Teddy every chance of a happy and secure future. As a colt he may have little monetary value, but to us he is priceless.

We do not understand how anyone can abandon a helpless foal like this.

Thank you to all of our fantastic supporters and especially Teddy's many friends around the world who have been following his story as far away as America and New Zealand. 

Thank you to everyone who helped towards the cost of Teddy’s veterinary treatment and sent such warm messages to wish him well.

Thank you. It is wonderful to know that so many people care about Teddy as much as we do.

And just look at the difference you have made!


Happily, Teddy is safe with us. Sadly, Teddy won’t be the only horse who needs our help. Every single penny really does make a difference, so please donate today to help make sure we can be here for those horses that need us most.

£10 buys a bag of special food to help foals like Teddy grow strong. 



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