Horses in Need

The Horse Trust provides sanctuary and specialist care for horses, ponies and donkeys that have suffered from cruelty or neglect and desperately need our help. See some of the horses, ponies and donkeys who have been given a second chance. 



    A Healthy Happy Teddy



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No-one can forget the appalling case at Spindles Farm, Amersham where over 100 horses were found in the most appalling conditions. Fourteen of the sickest horses, ponies and donkeys were brought to The Horse Trust. These poor animals were starving and suffering from a range of life-threatening conditions. More recently we have taken in other rescued animals including Dora, Maggie and abandoned foal Teddy. Thankfully after many months of treatment and specialist care many of these horses have recovered and now have a bright future.




TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYTeddy was only 8 weeks old when he was found abandoned on the side of the road. He was starving and alone with no sign of his mother.Teddy was so ill he had to spend a week in intensive care at The Royal Veterinary College. This brave little foal won all of our hearts as he fought for his life. After many months of specialist care Teddy is now a happy healthy pony and has been given a second chance at life.





Dora is a teenage mare who was found abandoned and starving. She had recently given birth, but sadly her foal was never found.Despite her ordeal Dora is an incredibly sweet natured horse, which makes it all the more sad that in her twilight years she was abandoned and left to fend for herself. However, with the right care, treatment and lots of love Dora has now fully recovered and is living out a peaceful retirement here at our Home of Rest for Horses.





TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYMaggie arrived at The Horse Trust in February 2013. She was found abandoned in a flooded field with little grass to eat and was surviving by eating the bark from a tree. She was close to death and had to be sent to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment. Maggie was emaciated, starving and suffering from other effects of neglect including overgrown feet, lice and mange. Maggie is a real fighter and despite her terrible conditions she never gave up. Maggie has been transformed and the healthy, happy and spirited pony we see today is a world away from the walking skeleton that arrived with us.