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Every success since 1886 has been possible thanks only to the generosity of our supporters. Public donations, great and small, help us to continue our work today and in the future. 


Our supporters come from all walks of life; the length and breadth of the country and far beyond our shores. From our earliest days it has been the collective spirit of goodwill and generosity that has allowed us to remain focussed on improving the lives of every horse, pony and donkey.

We are fortunate to have such a broad spectrum of support and we are grateful to every single one of our donors, supporters, horse sponsors and visitors to our Home of Rest.

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TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYSome of our supporters are vastly knowledgeable equine specialists, many know only that they like and admire these wonderful creatures, and want to make sure they are well cared for. Whether it is memories of a seaside donkey or a favourite childhood pony, admiration of a medal winning champion or their own experience of  a favourite mount it is undeniably the appreciation of the special bond between humans and horses that draws us together to care for their wellbeing.



TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYDo have some spare time? Could you be the volunteer we’re looking for? The Horse Trust needs you. There are lots of different ways you can help at our Home of Rest in Speen or at events around the country. If you are interested read about the opportunities here.



TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYOn behalf of every single horse, pony and donkey that we have been able to help with your support since 1886.