Rebuilding the Trust.
After 40 years in Speen our stables were in desperate need of refurbishment and repair and we urgently needed new facilities to continue to provide the best care for our herd. So, in 2012 we undertook one of our biggest ever challenges – we had no choice, it was time to Rebuild the Trust…

As part of this project we built new facilities for the housing, treatment and rehabilitation of our retired and rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. These facilities include:

• Purpose built stable blocks
• An Intensive Care Unit
• A specialist treatment clinic
• A safe all-weather sand school
• A horse walker. 

A new equine education centre provides a classroom and educational exhibition space. This new onsite classroom will allow us to deliver training and talks to schools, local community groups and professionals, allowing us to use our Home of Rest for Horses to demonstrate best practice in equine care and welfare. This area has also become home to the Welfare Development Department and Equine Welfare Helpline. 

TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYOur Home of Rest for Horses has been based in Buckinghamshire for over 40 years. Over time the stables and buildings had become old and dilapidated. Leaking roofs and rotten walls had been ‘patched up’ with pond liner and paint, but further temporary maintenance was no longer sustainable or cost effective.

We did not have even the most basic facilities for the veterinary treatment and care of our horses, ponies and donkeys. Nor did we have a safe space for veterinary investigations, such as trotting up, or for exercising working horses who need winding down in preparation for retirement, or backing younger rescued animals in preparation for re-homing.

TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYIt is at our Home of Rest for Horses that The Horse Trust demonstrates best practice and delivers professional training. We urgently needed updated facilities to help us to continue to do this. The much needed developments will help us to improve welfare for horses, ponies and donkeys across the UK by creating a ‘centre of excellence for equine care.'