AHT Dr Andrew Waller prepares bacterial cultures of S  equi

The Horse Trust was founded in 1886 to alleviate the plight of the working London cab horse and has been providing respite and retirement for working and serving horses and ponies for 127 years as well as taking in emergency welfare cases. In addition to this founding work, directly caring for a small number of equines, in 1965 The Horse Trust began funding equine veterinary scientific research and related capital projects with the aim of positively impacting on equine health and welfare across the UK.

Since 1965 we have given millions in funding for research projects, clinical residencies and capital buildings and equipment for vet schools and other institutions. We are now delighted to be launching our new grant funding programme, which will open to applications in late 2013.

Our scientific funding aims to support our mission ‘to enhance and improve the quality of life of equines in the UK’  by providing grants for non-invasive research projects of the highest scientific standard. These projects will help advance our knowledge of veterinary treatment, the optimal care of equines and the prevention of disease and suffering. The aim is to positively impact the lives of the widest possible number of horses.

This research will help improve the lives of horses across the UK by contributing directly, either immediately or over time, to an improvement in the health and/ or welfare of equines in the UK.

More information on our new grant funding programme will be available very soon, so please keep checking our website for further updates.