August 2013

The Horse Trust works closely with equine professionals to help improve the care and welfare of all horses. Our Home of Rest for Horses is a perfect venue for training days for equine dentists, farriers and vets.


Our herd of retired and rescued horses display a range of ailments and are an invaluable resource for those learning about equine care and welfare. We regularly host training days and hands-on workshops, aimed at equine professionals such as dentists, farriers and vets. Our facilities include an equine treatment clinic, care unit, sand school and horse walker.



TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYWe also provide training for professionals working in equine welfare including the police, local authority officers and charity field officers. This training covers topics relevant to professionals involved in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (2006) such as the safe handling of stray horses to assessing welfare concerns and taking legal action in the event of serious equine welfare compromise.


TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYThe Horse Trust is committed to providing high quality, practical and experiential training that enables equine professionals to develop within their role. This training is aimed at professionals working on the front line of equine welfare including Police officers, local authority officers and charity field officers. For information about our professional training courses you can call us on 01494 488464 or send an email to our Welfare team. 



TOMORROW-LOGO-STORYOur Home of Rest is also available for hire to organisations running their own professional development training courses and workshops for equine professionals. You can call us on 01494 488464 or send an email to find out more.