YESTERDAY-PATRON-PORTLAND.jpgFrom our founding moment we have benefited from the generous support of both the public and prominent patrons. We are entirely funded by donor contributions and are grateful for the unstinting public support which continues today.

Our founding purpose was a dual one; to help both horses and their owners, London’s working poor.ROLES-CHARTER This was a good fit with Victorian values, and the great and the good were immediately supportive. The sixth Duke of Portland became The Home of Rest’s first President.


The Home of Rest has been rebuilt several times over the last century to meet the changing needs of the horses needing our care. At the New Year's Festival of 1911 a new stable block, generously paid for by a supporter, was opened by Lady Edward Spencer Churchill  who made a graceful and moving speech eulogizing the work of "the Society", and advocating its claims to the support of all lovers of the horse. 



Royal Patronage followed with the involvement of HM Queen Alexandra in 1914; and HM Queen Mary from 1925. Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal became Patron in 2005.

YESTERDAY-PATRON-VISITORS.jpgOur charity’s continued success is only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters, whose donations - both great and small - help us to continue to provide a dignified retirement for working horses and sanctuary for rescued horses in need of specialist care. Nowhere was the collective capacity for doing good more evident than in their gift of the first ever motorise horse ambulance in WW1.      

 Note of Thanks  from The City of London Police 

“I have pleasure in enclosing a cheque for the value of £36. This money is collected from a box in the stables of Wood Street Police Station placed there when “Templar” was retired to The Home of Rest for Horses in 1975.”


Todays patrons come from all walks of life, with many different interests in our mission, but a common goal of working to improve the life of every horse, pony and donkey across the country. One of the easiest ways to be involved is to help towards the cost of the day to day care by sponsoring one of our horses. By combining small regular contributions our sponsors make a real difference. Please consider becoming an 'Official Friend' of The Horse Trust.