Over six million horses played a role in World War I, more than any other conflict in history. The British Army alone used 1,183,228 horses. 

San Toy (1890-1922)

One of those was San Toy. It was said that San Toy never missed a single day’s duty through both the Boer campaign and the Great War. Working so well, and to the grand age of 28, his officers were keen to see him live out his retirement years in comfort.

YESTERDAY-WH-SANTOYSan Toy was one of the first ‘War Horses’ taken in by The Home of Rest.







Cricklewood horse in stable (copy 219px x 300px)Roger (1907-1934)  

Roger’s story was truly remarkable. 15.2hh chestnut gelding Roger, thought to have been a German Officer’s Charger, was found wandering rider-less on the battlefield during the infamous Battle of the Somme.
A British Army Officer ‘captured’ Roger and got him to safety. Roger then served as that Officer’s mount for the last 2 years of the war, getting him out of any number of ‘tight spots’ on the battlefield. After the war the grateful Officer bought Roger back to England and paid for him to enjoy a quiet and dignified retirement at The Home of Rest for Horses.

Old Sam (1907- late 1930s)

Cricklewood - old horses in field

Working Horse Old Sam was a survivor of World War I but being just 11 years old in 1918 still had a lot of work left in him. He toiled for another 19 years, pulling firewood which his owner sold on the streets. Though his owner depended on and cared for him, life was hard and there wasn’t always enough money to look after Old Sam properly. When he could work no more, Mr. John Harris – the Magistrate of the Thames Police Court – asked the Society to help. At last Old Sam could enjoy some well-deserved rest and retirement.


To this day we provide a peaceful retirement for some of Britain's most deserving war horse heroes.   Horses like Commando  and Rocket Ron.YESTERDAY-WARHORSE-MODERN  This is our real war horse meeting star of stage and screen Joey  of the National Theatre's internationally acclaimed production of War Horse.



After years of military service it is quite amazing to see how well some of these brave and beautiful horses adapt to their new surroundings and a well earned retirement.  After a lifetime of hard work  they can just be a horse again.YESTERDAY-VISIT-WARHORSE-ADVERT  Come along to our Home of Rest and see for yourself.