In 1886 The Horse Trust's founder, Miss Ann Lindo, had a vision to give the overworked London cab horses a place of retreat to rest and recuperate enabling them to return to their work some months later refreshed and nourished. Her legacy today is a charity which has kept to its roots and has retained its ethos of caring for the working horse and its mission to enhance and improve the quality of life of all equines in the UK. 

Over 125 years later we no longer see horses pulling cabs and omnibuses, even the brewery drays are few and far between, however, the working horses of today play a very different role in serving people and their communities. Such as the mounted police whose tasks include crowd control and have an important role in keeping the public safe, often facing extremely violent situations; horses that serve in the mounted sections of the Army and also at the Royal Mews making our state ceremonies and public events the envy of the world. Never forgetting the horses and ponies that work with charities such as Riding for the Disabled and the Horse Rangers who bring such joy and confidence to disabled and disadvantaged children and young people. 

Then there are those unfortunate horses, ponies and donkeys that are abused and neglected and in need of urgent veterinary care and the support we give to the prosecuting bodies such as Trading Standards and the RSPCA who need local support to provide sanctuary and care to such animals. Those horses that come to us after a lifetime's service will spend the rest of their days in our care enjoying the tranquillity and peace of the Chiltern Hills. Find out more about some of our residents below.

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