Welcome to our residents page. Here you can meet all our horses and get to know a little bit more about these special characters. Click to see our retired working horses - from the Police and Military horses who have spent a lifetime serving our country or communities, to the ponies who have helped improve the lives of disabled or disadvantaged children. Meet the rescued horses, ponies and donkeys who have found sanctuary with us after suffering from cruelty or neglect. 

The Horse Trust would like to thank Philip Gowdy, who is responsible for many of the brilliant shots used on our website. Please take the time to view his website.


                                Rescue Horses


                                   Police Horses



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 Police Horses Click (copy 400px x 152px)






                            Royal Mews Horses


                                 Military Horses



 Royal Mews Horses Click (copy 400px x 152px)

 Military Horses Click (copy 400px x 152px)






                       Working Horses & Ponies


                             Rural Shire Horses



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