17.1hh Black gelding born 1995

Churchill profile 

Churchill served in The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment for 16 years. This handsome gelding, with his regal roman nose, has served in all the major parades over those many years, often serving as the right hand horse in the Queen's Birthday parades due to his steadfast character, latterly he served in the Mounted Band.

We're keen to see if Vainglory, former mount of the Director of Music, still fancies being the lead of this crop of retirees or if he's happy to let others be out front nowadays! We know Churchill was a big favourite in the Regiment, he's already winning hearts here,

We are honoured to look after these amazing equine public servants in their twilight years, letting them grow their coats, get muddy and knock around in a herd, it's amazing how young some of them still believe they are!