Falstaff (Mr Screwemtight)

18hh bay gelding born in 2000






It's only the famous, or is that infamous, Mr Screwemtight (aka Falstaff); Section Commander's Charger of The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery. This marvellously naughty horse stands at a proud 18hh and has rather a reputation for ditching and running as you can see! He's been a hugely popular horse during his venerable career, performing with the world famous Musical Drive and serving in countless parades. His official name is, well, interesting and his stable name is Falstaff, although we hear that thanks to his enormous ears he also goes by Dumbo and Mr Floppy! Unfortunately Falstaff suffers from on-going osteoarthritis in both front coffin joints and the workload became too much for his condition, and therefore was retired to us in November 2015.