16.2hh Black gelding born 2001

Gustavus profile 


This lively giant is one of our younger retired residents at just 16 years old. He arrived at The Horse Trust with other retirees Burnaby and Yeoman who travelled together straight from duty at The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in Knightsbridge.

Gustavus can be recognised by his 3 white socks, a prominent star on his forehead and a distinguished grey vintage moustache on his top lip...of course!

'Young G' served for 12 years with the Blues & Royals Squadron on many State and Ceremonial Occasions, including HM The Queen’s Birthday Parade. Has was also used regularly for Queen’s Life Guard and been part of the world famous Musical Ride.

He has retired due to a heart condition called atrial fibrillation ,which means he is no longer suitable for ridden work. Do not be fooled by his condition...this horse has soldier spirit and likes to be kept on the hoof and busy! He really doesn't like having to rest because of his condition and prefers to be causing havoc in the field with his military friends!