16.2hh black gelding born in 1992


 Vainglory for website


There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory. Vainglory, the stunning black gelding, has retired from The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment after a very successful 21 years’ service in the Life Guards Squadron. During this time, Vainglory took part in many ceremonial events such as the Queen’s Birthday Parade, Queen's Life Guard, Diamond Jubilee, and the Royal Wedding in 2011 where he was an Officer's Charger. This 16.2hh Irish Sports horse was also used on the Musical Ride and during his last few years at the HCMR, he was the Director of Music’s Charger because of his great attitude and confidence. Vainglory also went to Windsor to assist in the training of soldiers to ride. He excelled himself when he attended the annual HCMR Summer Camp in Thetford where all the horses enjoy beach rides and take part in jumping events. He retired at the age of 24 and after what had been a very successful working life, Vainglory is now enjoying his downtime and certainly is a head turner!