16.2hh Black gelding born 1992

Viscount profile 

In June 2017 we welcomed Viscount....The country’s longest-serving working military horse.Viscount, a Household Cavalry veteran with almost 22 years’ service, arrived at Horse Trust’s home of rest to enjoy his twilight years just being a horse.

This stunning Irish sport horse completed his military training aged five, passing out in 1997. He went on to serve The Household Cavalry "with distinction in all aspects of service”, from taking part in parades to helping train new recruits. Thanks to his calm demeanour, Viscount took on a variety of roles, including as an Officer’s Charger and, for his last four ceremonial seasons, carrying musicians from the Band of the Household Cavalry.

He stepped off the lorry very calmly on the hottest day of the year and enjoyed a long cooling shower and was then released into the fields, where he quickly befriended fellow Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment veteran Belize who had retired on the very same day.

Viscount takes the record for the longest-serving military horse from Remus, who retired to the trust in 2012 aged 26, after 21 years’ service.

Nicknamed 'Biscuit' by many that knew him, Viscount is a true hero and we are delighted he has joined us in his retirement.