16.3hh Black gelding born 1993

Yeoman profile 


Yeoman is a former Cavalry Black who previously served with 1 Troop in The Life Guards squadron of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

He participated in many ceremonial parades including Trooping the Colour, State Visits and Queens’s Life Guard.Yeoman, and fellow veteran Yeti, travelled around the UK and abroad performing as part of the world famous Musical Ride.

During the display, four of the horses are ridden by the ‘Monkey Men’ and are trained to lay down as part of the performance, a skill that was used in warfare when scouts were used and needed to hide from the enemy or observe them unseen. The finale of the modern Musical Ride includes these four horses carrying in the flags of the United Kingdom.

Both Yeoman and Yeti were picked for these roles because of their close relationships with their respective riders and their pace for the final gallop out of the arena with the special honour of ending the performance galloping out with the Union Jack!