Kilsyth -

16.3hh grey gelding born 1996



   Kilsyth Website  

Kilsyth arrived with Mull and they are our first ever police horses to be retired from Police Scotland. Kilsyth, a gorgeous grey gelding retired after 15 years’ service, firstly with Strathclyde Police and then continued with Police Scotland when the 8 Scottish Forces merged.  Kilsyth has carried out all police duties to the highest standard but particularly excelled in football crowd control and public order duties, where his bravery and courage was second to none.  Because of his aptitude for public order/crowd control situations, Kilsyth has been a preferred supervisor’s horse for many years at all major events.  While Kilsyth is not the easiest horse to handle, he has been one of the best police horses in the Scottish Mounted Police Unit in recent years. Kilsyth put his all into his police work; however he had to retire due to lameness.


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