10hh Black Shetland pony born in 1990

 Bob the Shetland

In his early life Bob was beaten for being naughty. Bob was actually suffering from severe Sweet Itch Sweet, or Summer Seasonal  Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD), a common problem that affects thousands of equines. Bob’s Sweet Itch can cause him great discomfort, which was the cause of his naughtiness.

After moving to a new home Bob went on to work for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) for over 10 years where he helped many disadvantaged children. Bob has now retired to The Horse Trust. His Sweet Itch is controlled and managed by his grooms to make sure he remains as comfortable as possible in the summer months.

Despite his difficult start in life Bob is a very happy, friendly and lovable pony. Bob adores people and is especially fond of children, which is very unusual behaviour for a Shetland pony!

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