- Domino -

13.3hh piebald gelding born in 2012


   Domino before and after  

Domino was rescued from a field in Hertfordshire in November 2012.  He arrived with Jenga. His condition was truly appalling; he was emaciated, full of worms and suffering from a severe bacterial infection. He was sent immediately to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment, and around the clock care.  Domino was so weak he had to be lifted to his feet daily.

 It was such an anxious time during Domino’s recovery, however there is a happy ending to this story because look at our gorgeous Domino now!  Looking at the healthy pony that Domino has become, it is hard to imagine the same sick, lifeless foal that arrived with us back in 2012. Now fully recovered, Domino is a chilled chap who loves attention. He is a friendly boy who seems to get on with all his residents here at The Horse Trust. What a handsome grown up chap you are now Domino, safe and sound and enjoying life how you should.

Domino’s ordeal highlights the horse welfare crisis facing our country.  The economic climate and overbreeding sadly mean there are a growing numbers of horses being abandoned across the UK. Unfortunately, colt foals like Domino are at the greatest risk as they have little monetary value.


Domino is now in training to become an riding pony. Keep an eye on our rehoming page for more information.