- Duchess -

13.1hh piebald mare born in 2012


   Duchess Profile Image 2017  


In partnership with the Verderers and Agisters of the New Forest, The Horse Trust welcomed our newest welfare resident Duchess, who was found abandoned in Hampshire.


On arrival, her body condition was poor, scored at 1.5 on a scale of 5, she was extremely lethargic and weighed less than 300kg. Duchess was suffering the effects of dehydration as well as internal and external parasites.  In addition to her obvious external afflictions, her initial blood tests have revealed significant liver damage, something often seen in abandoned horses.


It is uncertain what the future holds for Duchess, or if indeed there will be a future for her, only time and tests will tell. For now, each day must be taken as it comes, and the dedicated staff at The Horse Trust will be doing everything possible to help Duchess win her battle for survival.