16hh black gelding born in 2006


Duke is a Thoroughbred gelding who arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2008 after being rescued from the appalling conditions of Spindles Farm, Amersham. He came to us along with 13 of the sickest horses, ponies and donkeys rescued. Duke was severely underweight and suffering from a range of health problems caused by neglect. After intense treatment Duke began to recover from his ordeal.   

However, small growths appeared on his left eyelid and were diagnosed as Sarcoids. Sarcoids are a common problem in horses causing extreme irritation and painful swellings. Removing these tumours surgically from Duke’s eyelid would have been almost impossible as the scar tissue would have left him unable to blink. Duke had to travel over 200 miles to the University of Liverpool’s Equine Hospital – the only centre in the UK to deliver the specialist iridium wire treatment he required to remove his Sarcoids.

Thankfully, Duke’s treatment was successful but he has since suffered recurring bouts of colic culminating in life saving surgery performed at the Royal Veterinary College. Thanks to his vets and the management of his care by the staff at The Horse Trust, Duke is now enjoying life to the full although his health conditions mean that he will remain with us at The Horse Trust for the rest of his life.

This beautiful horse has been through so much in his short life, but thanks to his incredible spirit, specialist treatment given at The Horse Trust and the generosity of the public, he has overcome every ordeal.