Freda & Felix



 Freda and Felix







Freda and her very nervous foal Felix were rescued from a field in Hertfordshire in March 2014, both seriously underweight and riddled with lice. Little Felix was still trying to suckle from his mum but she had no milk left for him as her body condition score was down to a 1 out of 5. It was obvious that neither of them had been handled as they were both very anxious when they arrived. Although Felix was at an appropriate age to be weaned, it was felt that weaning might be stressful for both Freda and Felix and given their lack of condition it was felt it was best to delay weaning. Once they had both slowly gained weight, confidence and lost their worms, lice and mites, it was time to separate them. We sent young Domino down to buddy up with Felix before trying to introduce this very little youngster into the boy’s field. After just a few weeks, it was very apparent that Felix had gained a lot of confidence and was beaming with personality running around the fields causing mayhem! Mummy Freda was slowly putting on healthy weight and was reacting well to human contact and would even give you kisses if you were lucky! It was such a delight seeing what great ponies that they had become, but we knew it was now time for them to find a forever home. So, after a good year apart, these two beautiful ponies were reunited again as they are off to continue their life together again in Sussex where we know they will be completely spoilt! The bond between Freda and Felix will now last a lifetime, and they can enjoy each other’s company for the better now they are happy and healthy, enjoying life how they should.

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