14.2hh bay gelding born in 2012



Jenga 2015


Jenga arrived at The Horse Trust in November 2012 with Domino. They were two of three foals who were rescued from a field in Hertfordshire.

Their condition was truly appalling; they were emaciated, full of worms and suffering from a severe bacterial infection. They were so close to death that we had to send them immediately to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment.

Sadly one of the foals lost their fight for life just days after being rescued. Five month old Domino and Jenga were so weak that for months they were unable to stand unaided.

Even with a specially heated stable and 24/7 care from our dedicated grooms their future looked bleak. In that winter’s freezing conditions our grooms stayed by their side overnight but despite these extraordinary efforts Domino and Jenga’s health didn’t improve. We had to send them back to the Royal Veterinary College to make sure they had 24 hour veterinary care, and there they stayed, for over a month, only returning to us in the middle of January.    

Looking at the happy and healthy pony that Jenga has become, it is hard to imagine the same sick and lifeless foal that arrived with us in 2012. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to help us care for Domino and Jenga, your money means that we can continue to care for them, and others like them who may not be in such a fortunate position. We still need your help for our other residents.