Pandora (Dora) - 15hh bay mare born in 1992





Pandora (Dora) arrived at The Horse Trust in September 2012. This poor mare was found starving and abandoned. She had recently given birth, but sadly her foal was never found. Thankfully Dora was rescued in a joint operation by the RSPCA and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards and brought to The Horse Trust. When Dora arrived with us she was emaciated, suffering from worms, and an infection and in need of urgent veterinary treatment. Despite her horrific ordeal, it was immediately apparent that Dora was a sweet natured horse, which makes it all the sadder that she was left to fend for herself in her twilight years.

Her initial response to veterinary treatment was encouraging but we held our breath. There was a long road ahead. Thanks to the care and dedication of her vets and the staff at The Horse Trust, Dora has made a fantastic recovery and is now a happy and healthy horse.


Dora has a cheeky personality. Watch a video of her here.