Skewbald filly born 2017

Pheonix Profile 

In March 2017 we were asked to assist Highways England and Avon & Somerset Police with the rescue of 3 ponies illegally left to graze on Highways' owned land in Avon and Somerset, abandoned to their fate by a callous owner. All 3 were found starving, riddled with parasites and 2 were heavily pregnant.In May 2017, Inca Dove produced a beautiful filly foal who we named Phoenix. We must be grateful for the change in the law in 2015 when the Control of Horses Act (England) came into being after so much work from across the horse and countryside sectors and the willingness of parliamentarians of all parties and from both houses to get this essential Act passed. If Inca Dove had needed to wait much longer under the old law she may have been too far along to travel safely and would have had to have been sold at market, where frankly they have no financial value; rather than rescued where they have all the value in the world.