Pollyanna (Polly) Bay Mare born in 2009

Polly was admitted to The Horse Trust as a welfare case in February 2014.  She was one of 3 emaciated horses found abandoned and left to die in a field in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire. Polly was found desperately weak and half the healthy weight a normal horse of her size should be. She was one of the thinnest horses we had ever seen. Polly was in a very bad way and was suffering from worms, conjunctivitis and the skin disease rain scald, as well as weighing only 316kg. Her road to recovery was very challenging. Polly was so emaciated that she could not be fed with large amounts of food for fear of her dying from ‘re-feeding syndrome’. Polly had to be monitored and fed small amounts of food so that her body could cope and absorb all the nutrients, without being overloaded with calories in the fear of her body shutting down. Her lack of body fat also meant that the treatment she needed for worms could have proved fatal as well. Polly has been nursed around the clock by the team of dedicated staff here at The Horse Trust. She has made steady but positive progress so far, but she still has a long way to go. Sadly, Polly is the only surviving member of the group.

Polly collage

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