The Royal Mews is where the British Royal Family's grandest forms of road transport are stored, including their fleet of Rolls Royces, their carriages, and the Royal Mews horses that pull them, who enjoy luxurious stables adorned with tile walls and gleaming horse brasses. Pride of place goes to the Gold State Coach, built in 1761. Decorated with a riotous assortment of gold leaf, painted panels, and sculptures of cherubs, lions' heads, and dolphins, it is 3.6m (12 ft.) high, 7m (23 ft.) long, weighing 4 tons (9,960lbs), and requiring eight horses to pull it. As such, it's used only for major occasions, such as jubilees and coronations -- and has transported the monarch to every coronation since George IV's in 1821.

Meet Aurora, Marsa, FlintTom and Daniel our Royal Mews horses, who have pulled the Queen's carriages or have even been ridden by the Queen herself!










Aurora Marsa Tom  









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