The equine sector accounts for around £8 Billion of the UK’s GDP and there are over one hundred organisations actively involved in protecting and promoting equine welfare including those that investigate allegations of welfare compromise or enforce welfare and other equine legislation; along with those who respond to situations where horses are found in distress, abandoned or fly-grazed and of course the organisations that care for and rehabilitate horses experiencing welfare compromise.

 We work in partnership with British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA)to develop bespoke courses to meet the needs of Police, Highways England and the Fire and Rescue Service and other frontline agencies. We deliver award winning training for their emergency responders throughout the country providing them with the skills needed when dealing with horses during dynamic and frightening situations. Loose animals on any road network related incidents are dangerous for first responders, the public and animal welfare. It is also recognised that large animal rescue is one of the most dangerous activities a firefighter will be engaged in and so bespoke specialised training is essential.


We deliver CPD courses on equine behaviour modification techniques for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and grooms working within a veterinary practice. The courses are based on the evidence-based principles of equitation science and aim to support these professionals in further developing their knowledge of the factors that can contribute to the development of challenging behaviour and enable them to apply safe, effective, humane handling techniques in practice.

The range of specialist training provided by the expert team at The Horse Trust also includes the Level 3 Diploma in Equine Legislation, Welfare and Field Skills, the first regulated qualification for the many people working or volunteering in vital welfare roles across the sector.  Armed with this qualification graduates are able to demonstrate that they can perform their role professionally, safely and to a required standard.

For those that need to brush up their knowledge and skills in a particular aspect of  equine welfare or current legislation without the formality of the Diploma the Trust have launched a wide range of short
e-learning courses delivered in bite sized format though an on-line learning platform which allows the learner to work at their own pace around their work and personal commitments.

For organisations with specific needs around current equine legislation, welfare and behaviour and handling our expert team can create bespoke training programmes combining practical sessions and online learning to fit their needs.    



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