A unique exhibition commemorating the role of the Home of Rest and Britain's horses in the Great War



On August 4th 2014 as millions around the world prepared to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, our new HORSES AND THE WAR exhibition was unveiled at the REME museum of Technology. From August 14th, 2014 the exhibition has been re-sited to the Home of Rest for Horses and is now open to the public.

Entry to the Exhibition and the Museum is free for all visitors to the Home of Rest for Horses.


Horses left behind


Our new exhibit details the role of horses throughout the Great War, from the outbreak to the armistice, on the battlefields and the home front. 



Based on the research of renowned archaeologist, Military historian and author, Dr. David Kenyon, the exhibition offers a unique insight into the role of Britain's horses before, during and immediately after the Great War.

Motorised Horse Ambulance

War at Home



The exhibit explains the British Army’s need to requisition and collect over 100,000 horses in just 12 days in 1914 and unravels the truth of what actually become of the 800,000 horses in Army ownership in theatres around the world after the ceasefire.



Great care has been taken to present the key facts from the research in a way that will capture the imagination of all ages. The WW1 exhibition forms a new part of our museum of Britain's working horse at our Home of Rest in Speen.

Home for Heroes

London Bombed



Educational, informative and enlightening, the new exhibition and the museum offer a fascinating opportunity to learn about Britain's real War Horses 100 years ago. 



We are open from 2pm - 4pm Thursday to Sunday and every Bank Holiday Monday from February to November. You can get details on opening hours, facilities and how to find us here. 

After the War