15/05/2015 National Equine Health Survey

The National Equine Health Survey, supported by Zoetis and Spillers and in partnership with BEVA opens on Monday 18th May for one week only. This is the only survey that looks at the general health of our horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the UK. It aims to spot trends so that we can see the main problems affecting our equine friends in an effort to prevent them.: Read full story>>


09/04/2015 Help one of our funded researchers with their research project!

As part of our grant funding programme, we have recently funded a research project which focuses on anthelmintic (dewormer) resistance and the distribution of worms in horses across the UK. This project aims to identify if any issues arise from using targeted worming (where the decision to worm is based on feacal egg count results) versus traditional interval deworming treatments, for the long-term benefit of horses. The project requires horse owners and those that manage horses to complete a questionnaire that will help us explore the use of dewormers in horses and their potential impact on the worms that are present.: Read full story>>


30/03/2015 Stay vigilant: Warning to horse owners over atypical myopathy

National Equine Welfare Council members have joined forces to remind owners to stay vigilant against atypical myopathy this spring. With the Universite de Liege recording 97 known cases of Atypical Myopathy in the UK during 2014 and ongoing concerns from horse owners, welfare charities are working together to make owners aware. NEWC members have created a new poster to make sure owners know the signs of the highly fatal muscle disease and act early.: Read full story>>