04/09/2013 Former Essex Police horse Trojan returns to The Horse Trust after hospital stay

Looking at 17.2hh gelding Trojan, nobody could doubt that he’s a fine looking, strong horse. But following his recent health scare it would also be fair to say that Trojan is as hard as nails! Vets described Trojan as exceptional after they discovered he had been continuing to happily eat as normal with tooth spurs growing into his cheek and tongue, cracked back teeth on both sides and a severe sinus infection.

Trojan arrived at The Horse Trust in January 2013 From the Essex Police Mounted Section. When their Section closed down, most of the horses were rehomed to other police forces or private homes. Despite being aged just 14, Trojan retired to The Horse Trust as he suffers from a variety of health issues including recurrent respiratory problems, intermittent lymphangitis and intermittent stomach ulcers. He joined fellow Essex police horse Patrick at The Horse Trust who retired due to his own health problems.

Last week staff at The Horse Trust noticed Trojan had nasal discharge on just one side. As this can be suspicious, and the smell indicated a possible infection, our vets immediately took x-rays which directed them to a cyst on his sinus. Trojan was referred to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for a CT scan which confirmed the tooth spurs, cracked back teeth and a sinus infection. Trojan hadn’t shown any sign of pain and had been eating well so the only symptom had been the nasal discharge. He didn’t lose so much as a kilogram in weight before he went to hospital or during his stay there. There is no doubt that Trojan’s teeth would have made it incredibly difficult for him to eat but this brave horse carried on as normal showing us all how tough he is. Trojan remained at the RVC where he had two surgical procedures to remove his broken teeth. He also had a left side sinoscopy which involved drilling through his skull and into his sinus to flush out the infection.

Trojan’s surgery went very well and at the weekend he returned home to The Horse Trust with antibiotics which we hope will clear up any remaining infection in his sinuses so that he will not have to undergo any more surgery. Trojan is one of our biggest characters on the yard, and often shows the other horses who’s boss! Although Trojan can be a bit stubborn he does have a soft side and enjoys meeting visitors during opening hours.

PC Paul Mills who was teamed with Trojan while in active service said, “I was saddened to hear that Trojan had been taken into the RVC. However I wasn't shocked when I heard that they called him hard as nails. Having been teamed with Trojan for 2 1/2 years, I knew he was always bold, brave and tough as old boots, which is why he earned the nick names Mr T or the Trojanator!!! I'm glad he's back at the trust and enjoying all the attention from staff and visitors whilst he's on the mend. I'm sure he's looking forward to getting back out to pasture to boss his field mates about”.

Trojan is now on box rest to ensure his surgical wounds are kept protected and clean. To keep him from becoming too much of a handful, he is being led in hand for exercise. He has also been on our horse walker for the very first time and he was an absolute star! Trojan is only 14 years old so we hope that following this life saving surgery, he will recover swiftly so that he can return to enjoying a gentle life out in the beautiful countryside here at The Horse Trust.

It costs The Horse Trust thousands of pounds to send a horse to hospital. Trojan’s procedures cost £2000 and now that he is safely home, his medication costs £25 per day. Although we are always incredibly relieved that we are able help horses like Trojan, it does mean that extra pressure is put on our resources. We rely on donations from the public to help us provide our horses with emergency treatment when they desperately need it. To make a donation for Trojan, Patrick or any of our other courageous police horses please follow this link or call us on 01494 488464.