20/11/2018 Donkey care is vastly different to horse care

  • A donkey’s coat is not waterproof as they are traditionally dessert animals so access to shelter is essential

  • A donkey’s coat naturally thickens in the winter but elderly or sick donkeys may need a rug for extra warmth. If it turns sunny/dry/relatively warm remove the rug for a few hours

  • Do not groom a wet donkey as this will push the water closer to his skin causing him to get cold and catch a chill

  • Always give your donkeys somewhere dry to stand and if necessary keep donkeys off pasture should it become too wet or waterlogged. Pick out your donkey’s feet daily as this can help prevent problems such as thrush
  • We keep our donkeys off the grass as they are used to living in a dessert environment so are suited to a diet of tough fibrous organic matter as opposed to a diet of rich grass. Letting them on the grass for a while at this time of year is ideal as it isn’t so rich.  It is vital that donkeys’ feed is strictly controlled and of the right type to prevent the risk of a serious condition called hyperlipemia as one of its main causes is excessive weight.

    Two of our donkeys