28/06/2020 HHH Horse and Dog Show Competition Results!

Well done to all participants of the HHH Horse and Dog Shows! We had so many wonderful entries and we loved going through them all. Each place will recieve a special rosette! If you haven't already can ALL that were placed please email info@horsetrust.org.uk with the address to send the rosette to.

Here are the results in each catagory: 


Golden Oldie

1st - Maxine Edmond and Darcie

2nd - Laura McGillyCuddy and Winnie

3rd - Charlotte Launder and Mac

Oops moment

1st - Debra Owen with Rolo

2nd - Gill Ager and Baz

3rd - Laura McGillyCuddy and Winnie

Dashing Dog

1st - Susan Smith and Benson

2nd - Kelly Chudleigh-Smith and Toby

3rd - Emily and Red

Waggiest Tail

1st Emma Bullock and Ginny

2nd Tom and Storm

Rehomed Rescue

1st - Baz

2nd – Lilly

3rd – Ness

Beautiful Bitch

1st – Ellen Sandford-Percival & Maud

2nd – Samantha Taroni & Iris

3rd – Kelly Chudley-Smith & Lottie


Best Turned out 

1st – Sarah Bolter

2nd – Sarah Ashley

3rd – Tom and Norman

Fabulous Feathers 

1st – Emily Adair

2nd – Emily Jones and Tim

3rd - Karen Wright

Marvellous Mare 

1st – Lulu Solman

2nd – Issy Runswick

3rd – Sarah Bolter

Fancy Dress 

1st -  Ellie Sandford-Percival & Blue


1st - Issy Runswick and Moomin

2nd - Charlotte Lawrence and Boomer

3rd - Lulu Solman and Leo

Horse & Hound

1st - Kelly C-S with Lilly and Malteaser

2nd - Tom Madgwick with Storm and Norman

3rd - Joy/John/Charlie and Geri

Handsome Gelding

1st – Nicola Church and Oreo

2nd – Emily Jagusz and Gabriel

3rd - Caroline Rance and Darcy

Best Oops Moment

1st – Susan Mooney and Zara

2nd – Julie Surman and Sammy

3rd – Tracy Payne and Zephyr


1st – Michaela Cattermole & Yazhi

2nd – Kelly Gordon & Jenga