26/09/2019 Visiting BEVA Conference and Farrier Focus 2019

The Horse Trust recently attended the British Equine Veterinary Association Conference in Birmingham where we met up with many of our specialist researchers and students who are working closely with us to make sure that the science results in better welfare for all horses and ponies  and we used the opportunity to let hundreds of vets know about the research we have funded which has helped the horses at the Home of Rest as well as horses and ponies UK wide.

Delegates got a sneak preview of our new film which explains our involvement with developing the brand new blood test for encysted (“resting” in the stomach wall) redworm, the Managing the Menace strangles surveillance project with the Animal Health Trust, and the handy helpful tips from the University of Liverpool for all horse owners on how to keep tabs on their horses’ weight so that they lead longer, healthier lives.

And then we were off to the BFBA’s Farrier Focus the UK’s largest farrier event at the BFBA’s and  shared another short film about how to reduce the risk of spreading disease from yard to yard.
Farriers are crucial to making sure that horses’ feet are kept in good condition, and our own very special farrier, Dan, narrates the video! Farriers are ideally placed to work with horse owners to reduce the spread of illness and disease and we are grateful to Dan for helping us to share this important message.