26/09/2019 Pair Bonds

In the wild horses live in herds like family groups. At the Horse Trust we keep our herds in groups as we like them to live as naturally as possible.

On arrival horses will be assessed into which group will suit them best and can be placed into gelding only herds, mare only herds or a mixed herd.

Their physical needs are a big part of decision making, even ther suitability of the field (a horse with arthritis will obviously be better suited to a flat field rather than one with hills

Once in their “family” group horses will form special bonds, which are called pair bonds. Horses will choose a social partner and once established that might mean a friendship for life! It is said that a horse will tend to choose a partner similar to them but that’s not always so.

Pair bonds will remain close to each other and spend all their time together! If not grazing too far from one another you may also see them interacting a lot, this may be grooming or playing.

At the Horse Trust we are very good at pin pointing the pair bonds in each herd and we do what we can to keep them together and happy.  

Phlint and Brave are one of our favourite duos. Brave served at The Waverly RDA (Riding for Disabled) Driving Group for 10 years and Phlint served as a Police Horse at Northumbria for 7 years.

Phlint and Brave live in the same field and go everywhere together, even into the stables. Both boys are very popular with the public and have their stables next to each other when they come in to visit.