22/08/2019 Swopping High Finance To Advance Excellence in Equine Care

Although she  grew up with horses and spent all of her spare time as a child looking after, riding and competing on ponies our wonderful Training Officer, Susan Mooney, never thought to pursue it as a career and always very firmly labelled it as a “hobby”.

Susan went down the corporate route, studying Law and Accounting in University in Ireland, before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in Dublin in 2011. While taking a year out to travel she spent time in New Zealand where her passion for horses was reignited, so when she moved to London in 2012, she started riding again, just recreationally, just on the weekend!

She worked as a Financial Manager in two large multi-national corporations in central London over the next few years but decided in September 2016 to go back to University part time to study Equine Studies at Plumpton College, while still working part time as an accountant.  She says, “I had always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do something more with this hobby, so I dipped my toe in gradually to see what was out there for me in the world of equine. ”

Once she started studying the subject she was so passionate about  Susan was completely hooked and  realised that she wanted to keep learning, and that  “I wanted this to be my life, not just my hobby.”

So, she started to upskill by doing some of the British Horse Society exams, doing a level 3 vocational teaching qualification, and starting a Masters in Equine Science, all with a view to turning horses into a career. She continued to work part time as an accountant though and had no desire to change that until all her studies were finished. 

However, stumbling upon an advertisement for a new Training Officer at The Horse Trust it grabbed her attention - it combined all her passions in one; Horses, Teaching, Training, and Research. As Susan says “ I loved the idea of what The Horse Trust did in terms of retiring working horses but when I started researching more, I was blown away by the contribution they were making to education and scientific research; research that I was studying in my degree and was having a huge impact on the equine sector.

To be able to now say that I work for the world’s oldest horse charity is a privilege and, when I started on my journey out of accountancy and into equine, I never once thought that I would end up where I am so quickly. It has been a huge change going from an office in London to a stable in Speen but having this job has proved to me that turning my passion for horses into work was the best decision I ever made!”

The City's loss is The Horse Trust's gain !