At its Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire, we demonstrate best practice.

All horses and ponies have the same basic needs: readily accessible water and an appropriate diet to maintain health and vitality; the prevention of injury, parasite infestation and disease; adequate comfort and shelter; freedom from stress and fear; freedom of movement; and the opportunity to exercise normal patterns of behaviour in the company of other animals.

The Trust provides a place of retreat for horses that have suffered and are in need of special treatment and is a dignified resting place for working horses that have given a lifetime of service to their country and mankind nurturing them throughout their final years.

High quality training is provided via a variety of media aimed at professionals and owners focussing on practical, advanced equine welfare and quality of life assessment.


The Horse Trust supports and trains local authority inspectors and provides them with the skills needed to effectively investigate equine welfare concerns identified on commercial and private premises, at markets or sales and during transport. They are taught how to catch and handle horses in order to examine them, give instruction in conducting welfare assessments, learn about common conditions that can compromise welfare and the risks posed by exotic equine diseases.

Police officers attend workshops at the sanctuary to learn horse handling skills, such as how to approach and catch a horse, how to scan a microchip and how to lead and tie up a horse in a place of safety. It is the statutory duty of the Police to keep the highways clear and these practical skills are invaluable at a time of emergency when a horse or horses are reported by a member of the public.